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Titi kamal

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Titi Kamal is one of a few Indonesian celebrities who started her career off the ground. Her Career was sky rocketed with the succeed of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta Movie, which later became a TV series.

Foto Titi Kamal

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Photo Titi Kamal

Titi Kamal Picture

Name: Kurniati Kamalia
Nick name: Titi Kamal
Place and Date of Birth: Jakarta, 7 December 1981
Height: 169 cm
Wight: 50 kg
Father : Kamal Badry
Mother: Elly Rosniati

S–1 London School of Public Relation, jurusan Marketing

Hobby: Swimming, Diving, Rafting, Jetski
Color: white, yellow, pink

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Titi Kamal in her booming "Jablai" dangdut song

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