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The multi-talented, former child singer and actress, Sherina Munaf is a true star in Indonesian celebrity world.

Young, cute and has an amazing voice, she is touted as the phenomenon little girl in Indonesia to date.

This pint-sized singing sensation found stardom in her 2001 film "Sherina's Adventure", which, at her ten years old, turned her into a hosehold name.
Her popularity recognized throughout Asia since Time Magazine/Asia Week Magazine wrote an article about her and an interview with Hongkong TV Network, The Star TV, in their program 'Focus Asia'.

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Name : Sinna Sherina Munaf
Place & Date of Birth: Bandung, June 11, 1990
Height/weight: 175 cm/53 kg
Hobby: singing, composing song,wushu
Language: Indonesian, English, Japaese
Student of British International School, Jakarta

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