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Nadya Hutagalung

Nadya Hutagalung is not just pretty – she is breathtakingly beautiful, sort of beauty that makes women go green with envy. It's enough to make men stop in the street to gawk.

Whatever she wears, and even with the barest of make-up, Nadya looks just as good as when she first made headlines in the 90s. Her Australian-Indonesian blood, gave her the 1.72m beauty with a perfectly-symmetrical face, pert nose, sensual lips and smooth, fair skin.

Born in Sydney 1974, Nadya is an Indonesian mixture heritage between Indonesian father and Australian mother, her career was started on the age of 12 when she was traveled to Tokyo for starting her modeling career. Her unique feature made her becoming a successful model.

The history continues when she went to Singapore for a trip and suddenly was offered as an MTV-VJ in Singapore. For more than 3 years, the MTV had bring her a huge success in her career and recently she was chosen by the Star Magazine as the most beautiful and the sexiest woman.

In her age of 34 now, Nadya still looks beautiful and stylish. This most inspiring lady always appears on the scene with her tenderness and charmingly. How to look good at a party. Every time Nadya walks into a party, club event, picnic, race day or barbecue, she is the one who makes heads turn. In fact Nadya looks so good she outshine the other women there! Looks younger, thinner, balanced, and smarter. What is her secret?

Find out how to create your stylish new look and take charge of your life. Learn here everything you can and within minutes you too will be on your way to looking and feeling fabulous, just like Nadya!

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