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Brigadier Eka Frestya

Beautiful Police Woman! That's what people say to this girl officer. First Brigadier Eka Frestya has a very sweet smile and charming faces equipped with an aquiline nose. 

Working in the traffic management, this lovely brigadier Eka frequently appears on TV reporting the traffic situation in Jakarta and surrounding areas, which are often crowded like crazy.

Look at her smiling eyes too. I would not mind if I got pulled over by this gorgeous police. How about you...?

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Quincy Being Ho said...

Pretty! But not good for me.

Anonymous said...

klo sy ma mau bngt jd pacrx

Andraldri Hillon said...

Bisa kok! tuh ada caranya. gampang, klik aja yg ada tulisannya click here.

Andraldri Hillon said...

Why? You are not a criminal, aren't you?

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